Helping Little Kids Deal With Big Emotions

Counseling and Behavioral Therapy for Children in Cincinnati, Ohio

You feel like you have tried everything, but it feels like your kids behaviors are just getting worse. It has gone on for too long to just be a phase. Maybe you have been thinking of asking for help for a while.

I'll Help You Find Calm.

We help kids who:

  • Are at risk of being thrown out of school
  • Have intense, never ending tantrums
  • Hit their peers
  • Refuse to do what they are asked
  • Are having trouble making friends
  • Are highly sensitive or emotional

Your kids will learn:

  • To be successful in school
  • How to regulate their feelings
  • How to make better choices
  • Problem solving skills
  • Social skills so they can make and keep friends

Counseling can help! 

We work with children, parents, and teachers in order to help your child stop throwing tantrums, calm their anxiety, and to stop getting in trouble at school and teach them the skills to become happy, sociable, and successful.



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