Young Children: Anger/Tantrums
Counseling in Blue Ash, OH

The tantrums feel like they are becoming more explosive. The screaming can last for an hour at a time and happens many times a day. You are on your last nerve and have no idea what to do next. It is getting harder to find a babysitter so you can get a break and the bad reports from the school are adding up. You are afraid your kid is going to get kicked out of school or at least get suspended.

You might catch yourself thinking things like:

  • “Do other kids act this way?”
  • “Are they always going to act like this?”
  • “Is my child going to be ‘that’ kid in school?”
  • “Are they going to hurt another kid?”
  • “What else am I supposed to do?!”

Anger is normal in kids, but it can be problematic when:

  • Tantrums are lasting for more than 5-10 minutes
  • Your child is in-consolable
  • The anger is becoming destructive to your property
  • Their aggression is beginning to scare other kids or animals

As a parent you find yourself:

  • Avoiding taking your kid out in public
  • Afraid to sign your kid up for activities for fear of how they will act
  • Feeling frustrated and helpless as to what to do to help your child
  • Find yourself wondering if you are a bad parent
  • Feel guilty for not wanting to be around your kid

How I can help

Kids can act out for many reasons. I work to help parents identify the underlying reasons behind your child’s behaviors and figure out the skills they need in order to resolve those problems and be able to start acting better. I work with parents, teachers, and individually with your child in order to provide comprehensive care for your child. I find when everyone is working on the same skills in a child, the get better much quicker.

Individually, I utilize evidenced based play therapy strategies to help build a relationship where they will be able to learn the valuable skills that will help them to better manage their anger.

Children can respond quickly to counseling services. You are in the right place to find peace in your home and help your child learn the skills that will not only help them remain in their school, but will help them do better for the rest of their lives.

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