Preschool Anger Counseling
in Atlanta, GA

Preschool years are all about learning about our emotions which is why it is normal for them to have the occasional tantrum. However, sometimes those tantrums go well beyond what we expect to be typical. As a parent you are noticing that your preschooler’s tantrums are becoming more explosive and they seem to last forever. You are at a loss for what to do.

You are worried that if they don’t get their anger under control, they are going to get labeled as ‘that’ kid in school or, worse, they are going to get kicked out of their daycare.

You might catch yourself thinking things like:

  • Do other kids act this way?
  • Is he going to hurt someone?
  • Please tell me this is just a stage they are going to grow out of.
  • What else am I supposed to do?!

While anger is normal and tantrums are developmentally appropriate for young kids, you know they are starting to border on problematic when:

  • Tantrums are lasting more than 5-10 minutes
  • Your preschooler is inconsolable - crying excessively, screaming and kicking.
  • The anger is starting to become destructive towards property or people.
  • You start worrying about them harming themselves, another child, or an animal.

When kids are expressing their anger this destructively, parents often find themselves reacting in many ways. Some of the more typical things I find are:

  • You avoid taking your preschooler out in public.
  • You fear signing them up for activities for fear of how they will act
  • Beginning to feel frustrated or helpless as to what to do to help your child.
  • Find yourself wondering if you are a bad parent.
  • You feel guilty for not wanting to be around your kid.

How I can help

Kids can act out for many reasons. I help parents identify the underlying factors behind their child’s behaviors and figure out the skills they need in order to resolve those problems. I work with parents, teachers, and individually with your preschooler in order to provide comprehensive care. I find when everyone is working on the same skills, children get better much quicker.

Individually, I use play therapy strategies to help build a relationship where your preschooler will be able to learn valuable skills that will help them to better manage their anger and the underlying emotions that are making it show up so often.

Young children can respond very well to counseling. You are in the right place to help your preschooler learn skills that will not only help your home find some peace now, but that will help build a foundation to set them on the right path towards a happier, healthier, and more successful life.

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