Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Accept My Insurance?

For most carriers, I am considered an Out of Network Provider. This means, instead of haggling with insurance companies, I am better able to focus my time on provide a higher quality of care for you. Many insurance plans offer out of network reimbursement. This means you would submit information to your insurance company and they would reimburse you some amount of your session fee. A program called Better can help you with making sure you get reimbursed if your plan offers out of network reimbursement. The link is:

I do accept Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield insurance.

What does the process look like for counseling?

Counseling always begins with an assessment. This session takes anywhere from 50 minutes to 75 minutes and is a time for you to be able to tell your story. This allows me to get an understanding of what is going on and gives us an opportunity to begin establishing our goals for therapy. For younger kids, this first appointment generally occurs without them. Since it is mostly talking, they will most likely get bored and it makes it difficult for parents to focus on the session.

I will meet the child at the 2nd session. I will work with them individually to get an idea of what we need to focus on. We will end the session deciding on a specific set of goals for therapy.

The third stage of therapy is the treatment portion. This will look different for everyone and is dependent upon the determined goals and the results of the assessment. Typically this involves weekly sessions at first and can reduce to bi-weekly or monthly sessions as goals are being met.

The last stage of therapy is the termination portion. For some this may take several months or years and for others it may only be after a month or two.

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