Anxiety Therapy for Preschoolers
Counseling in Decatur, GA

You’ve noticed your little one is having a hard time adapting to new situations or people. The school is telling you how he is crying for hours after you leave. At this point you have tried to console him, bribe him, to reassure him, but nothing seems to be helping.

You want your preschooler to feel more confident and to be able to meet new friends without you having to pry him from your leg first. Most of all, you want him to learn how to deal with these feelings before they grow into something worse.

Anxiety in kids can present itself in many ways. Some of the more common signs are:

  • Separation anxiety that is severe, unresponsive to attempts to console, and are not showing signs of calming after a week or two.
  • Often wondering if their loved ones are okay.
  • Afraid of bad things happening.
  • Frequently asking “what if” questions
  • Shut down in social situations
  • Have trouble making friends

Counseling can help your preschooler:

  • Feel more confident in making friends
  • Learn how to be more confident and excited in new situations
  • Learn to calm themselves quicker in scary situations

We will also help parents:

  • Learn strategies to help your child calm themselves quicker
  • Gain a better understanding of what is going on with your child
  • Feel better equipped to help your anxious child
  • Feel more confident as a parent

If there are more things going on at home that impact your parenting, I’m happy to refer parents to individual therapists in our area for couples work or individual therapy if they are interested.

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