Preschool Trauma Counseling
Bad/Yucky Events

As a parent, you do your best to protect kids from danger, but sometimes despite your best efforts something bad happens. Sometimes it is worst fears coming to life like sexual or physical abuse; or being involved in a car accident, dog attack, or the loss of a close family member. Other times it may be unavoidable life stressors like divorce, a parent losing their job, or moving from the family home. Things can sometimes happen that we don’t even think are traumatic and your child is just having trouble bouncing back - it may be something you consider to be insignificant but to them, it was a huge event. Whatever happened, your usually happy, caring preschooler doesn’t seem the same.

Now, they seem to be sad more often than happy and they are constantly on the look out for danger. Maybe they are more clingy and don’t want mom or dad to leave the house or they are constantly asking “what if” questions around bad things that could happen. They were sleeping in their big boy bed all night, but now they don’t even feel safe in their room. They are having frequent nightmares and they spend more nights than not in mom and dad’s bed. Sometimes fully potty trained preschoolers will start having accidents again.

Trauma can happen at any age. Many people believe kids are so resilient they will just bounce back from whatever happens, but children are just as susceptible to trauma and trauma-related disorders (PTSD) as are adults.

I have helped people of all ages who are having trouble finding happiness after a scary or yucky event, but I specialize in helping the youngest among us (3-6-year-olds) so parents can have their happy, smiling child back again.

There are a lot of therapies out there to help kids who are recovering from a bad thing. I use EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Regulation) with child-centered play therapy techniques in order to help these kids.

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