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Your teenager feels like they are drifting away from you. They are more argumentative, you can’t get them to listen, and you are worried about the decisions they are starting to make. It feels like you can’t get through to them because they “know it all” and you are starting to worry they are going to make choices that are going to have lasting consequences. You knew how hard it could be to raise a teenager, but it shouldn’t be this hard.

Teens naturally start to pull away from their parents, but you know it is a problem when your teen:

  • Yells at you over small things
  • Seems like they are always irritable and on edge
  • Is starting to get poor grades
  • Starting to stop participating in things they used to love
  • They are getting into arguments or fights at school
  • Acting secretive and get defensive if you ask simple questions about what they are doing or where they have been
  • Missing school or extracurricular activities
  • They are ignoring house rules

How I can help

I help families by teaching parents the difference between normal and abnormal teenage behaviors and help them develop strategies that will get their teen moving in the right direction. I work with teens on building skills that will make them more responsible in their decision making, to deal with their anger, and to learn how to better communicate with their parents.

Raising a teen, while hard, does not have to be impossible. Through individual and family counseling, families can learn how to get through these difficult years and maybe even enjoy the process. With the right interventions, teens can learn skills and make decisions that will help them as they transition into adulthood.

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